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Photography specializing in professional photos for Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, California surrounding areas.

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Also, here are some tips from Wikihow for being photographed:

  • 'Hide your blemishes. The bad thing about photographs is that because they're simply frozen images of one angle in an instant in time, they can't show all your good attributes. The good thing about them is that you can easily hide certain features you don’t like. Be careful with makeup tones: makeup colors appear more intense in photos. There are special principles and techniques for photo modeling that are different from those for looking nice in person (though they'll likely look just overdone, not bizarre, in person); learn and use them for critical applications.[4]
  • Keep the shine down. It is so important to keep the shine down in the ever-troublesome T-zone - the top of your nose and your forehead. While this especially important on a warm day, even the coolest among us may get a little sweaty when faced with the lens of a camera.
  • Use makeup to cover skin redness, which will stand out in photos.
  • A photograph (other than a stereogram) doesn't actually record the shape of anything but leaves it to be subconsciously inferred from patterns of light and shadow. Shading with makeup (there are guides to this) can make even an oddly misshapen face look conventionally beautiful so long as it is not actually in conflict with the actual light and shadow (ideally, use diffused light that doesn't make its own defined shadows; in casual photos and everyday appearance you'll generally look fine).
  • Use eye drops to clear redness in your eyes. Staring at a light source for a few moments will reduce your pupil size and reduces the chances of red eye (don't stare directly at the sun though!). If some preparation is involved in the picture-taking process, however, it's best not to rely on a flash, particularly on-camera flash, and large pupils are generally considered more attractive.
  • Brush your hair into place. Frizzy or loose hairs can appear messy. On the other hand, the hair should not be apparent--not slicked down thin against the skull and then behind the neck in a ponytail'
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